The smallest and lightest portable power you can find today!

BOOST all-in-one portable chargers are small enough to fit in your pocket, making them extremely mobile, perfect when you need emergency power to recharge your smartphone, portable computer and USB powered devices. For travelling, driving, boating, natural disasters and camping, the BOOST all-in-one portable chargers are the ultimate solutions for your electronic devices and emergency power needs.

huge power

Including huge power in a single tiny box, the BOOST all-in-one portable charger provides 200A of jump starting current and up to 500A peak current. The BOOST all-in-one portable charger his the ultimate companion to boost powersports and any motor vehicles in case of emergency needs.  Featuring proprietary industrial grade lithium polymer battery, the BOOST all-in-one portable chargers can retain its charge for up to 6 months can be charged in around 3 hours by either a 120 volt house charger or the included 12 volt connectors.  The BOOST all-in-one portable chargers multi-function jump starter gives up to 20 starts per recharge, enabling multiple restarts without recharging and includes surge protected cables, providing added protection for your vehicles electronic equipment.

Featuring lithium polymer battery and equalization technology

BOOST Technologies use the highest standard LIPO battery cell, 100% safe and non-flammable. BOOST Technologies all-in-one portable back-up battery can be recycled as well as recharged many times. They also include storage capacity while being long-lasting. For optimal performances, BOOST features a proprietary lithium-polymer battery and equalization charging technology.


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